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The help you need in a vehicle
transportation emergencies, arranged 
collections, deliveries and recoveries.

Company Message

The whole idea of Cloud Nine Vehicle Transport LTD is to create the feeling of being on that particular cloud when the customer receives their dream car, it is a euphoric feeling receiving your new car, a day that is remembered for eternity, so to be a part of that special day means a great deal to us and you the dealer.

In an ever changing world buying habits are evolving fast, whether an enforced change, as we are seeing in most recent events, or natural changes due to busy lives thus requiring distance selling, to advanced tech availability making it easier to purchase a car on finance without seeing it from the comfort of your own home.

Cloud Nine Vehicle Transport LTD are not here to change the whole service, but to refine an existing service, to give the dealer a different service offering in line with ever changing customer demands and expectations.

We can transport 2 vehicles each at any one time, we are always considering where to enhance the fleet best to service our customer database and their needs.

Truck and Car


Services Provided



This is not an exhaustive list of services if you have something obscure or adhoc, then contact us HERE to see if we can help.

Current owner operator is

We have excellent automotive experience, from working in sales at main dealers, in cars, light commercials and motorcycles.

We also worked in automotive broker finance at the largest broker in the country, a hugely regulated industry which taught us the importance of attention to detail.

We prioritise customer service and safety at all times, it is imperative to us that the service we provide is exactly what is expected from both customer and the dealer.

We have a extensive background knowledge in all vehicle demographics, also have Motorcycle experience and Light Commercials.